Curated to enhance your mind-body connection, ITSE offers online Pilates classes for modern lifestyles. Whether it’s to elevate your health and wellbeing, overcome chronic pain or support your pregnancy journey, our programs can be easily customised to help you (re)gain more control of your life.

With a variety of goal-focused categories and tailored programs to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced, simply select workouts to suit your goals and schedule.

Complementing your everyday moves, our classes will empower your body awareness and knowledge.  A form of practical self-care, you’ll enjoy increased strength, alignment, and functionality, no matter where you’re at on your Pilates journey.

It’s time to do you.

Fluid and ever-evolving, breathe in and embrace the present moment.

Empowering your health and wellbeing goals with functional movement

Choose Your

Class Level


Guiding you to focus on the correct engagement, and alignment, our ‘Gentle’ class level is perfect for easing into Pilates.

Emphasising precise technique with pared-back moves, you’ll discover a new level of movement, length, and range.


Transitioning into more complex and fluid patterns to optimise your control, enhance your progress with our ‘Controlled’ class level.

Great for incorporating into your every day, choose from various class types and durations to suit your schedule.


Dialling up the intensity with challenging choreography and flow, our ‘Challenging’ class level liberates your full potential.

Set and achieve new goals as you explore more advanced movements while keeping your form in check.

Curate Your



General Pilates classes to nurture and transform your everyday health and wellbeing.


Deconstruct specific Pilates techniques and patterns to strengthen your mind-body awareness.


Designed to enhance the strength and movement of a specific body part, based on your goals.


Accommodating your changing body, enjoy low-impact Pilates moves through all the stages of your pregnancy.


Supporting your postnatal healing journey with a focus on gently strengthening your core and overall toning.


Inspired by Joseph Pilates’s classical Pilates sequences, these classes are for the purists and traditionalists.

Harmonise Your



If you’re new to Pilates or keen to fine-tune your core techniques, this 2-week series of classes is a great place to start. Guiding you with simpler, pared-back movements, you’ll explore the transformative basics of Pilates.



Working through the classical Pilates repertoire with a contemporary approach, explore and break down your favourite movements for ultimate finesse.

Pelvic Floor

The specialised program follows a 6-week series of classes for those who have been diagnosed with a weak or prolapsed pelvic floor and/or suffer from incontinence.

Designed to focus on safely engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor, our ‘Pelvic Floor’ program will also assist with improving the overall condition of your body.