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Explore our most popular FAQs below – if you need additional guidance, please get in touch and we’ll aim to respond within 1 business day.


What is ITSE Pilates?

ITSE Pilates is your go-to for Pilates, anywhere, any time. 

As a member, you’ll be able to access our online library of Pilates videos – we have classes for all confidence levels and goals, ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour in duration.

Keeping it fresh, new videos are added every week!


Can I try the classes before signing up for an ITSE subscription?

Absolutely! You can sign up for our 7-day free trial.

Why should I do Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that’s suitable for all ages and confidence levels. With a focus on functional movements and strengthening your powerhouse muscles (core, pelvic floor, shoulder, and hip girdles), the benefits will flow through to all aspects of your everyday life.

I don’t have any experience with Pilates?

No prior experience is required and there’s no better time to start! We have a dedicated beginner’s section with technique-focused classes to gently guide you through the movement basics and core principles of Pilates.

I already do reformer Pilates at a gym/ studio, will this still benefit me?

Yes, you can never enjoy too much Pilates! With an ITSE subscription, you’ll be able to practice it more often and focus on refining your movement/ techniques to complement your reformer workouts.

I do clinical Pilates with my physio, will I still benefit from this?

Affordable and easily accessible at any time, our online classes are designed to support in-studio clinical Pilates classes.
Generally speaking and depending on your goals, you should see greater results within a shorter timeframe by combining the two.

I want to improve my fitness, will Pilates help?

Yes, combined with other activities, Pilates can help with boosting your fitness by providing supportive strength for you to build on.

Am I too old?

From young tots to those in their 90s, Pilates is for anyone and everyone to enjoy – there is absolutely no age limit!

What if I am injured or have a chronic condition?

While some general modifications are offered, it’s always better to rest any injuries to avoid potentially worsening the condition. Please consult with your medical professional/s prior to any classes if you’re unsure.

Can I still do Pilates if I’m pregnant?

Generally speaking, our pregnancy-tailored Pilates classes are suitable for the entire duration of your pregnancy journey.
However, please listen to your health team and be attentive to your energy levels and how your body is feeling. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please consult with your doctor or a women’s health physiotherapist.

Can I practice Pilates if I’ve just had a baby?

Please be guided by your health team.
Generally speaking, we recommend our pelvic floor-focused program 6 weeks after birth. For the first 6 weeks, we often recommend light walking and pelvic floor muscle exercises to ease you back into your rhythm. If you feel any unusual pain or discomfort, please see your doctor or women’s, health physiotherapist.

Can I practise Pilates if I’ve just had a miscarriage?

Please be guided by your health team. Generally speaking, we can recommend our pelvic floor focused program for 6 weeks after third-trimester loss. For the first 6 weeks, we often recommend light walking and pelvic floor muscle exercises to ease you back into your rhythm.
If you feel any unusual pain or discomfort, please see your doctor or women’s health physiotherapist.


How do I watch the classes?

With gentle guidance for all confidence levels, our online classes are easy to follow along!
Simply watch the classes via your preferred device (computer, phone or tablet) – you can also stream/cast it to your smart TV from any device.

Do I need any equipment for the workouts?

No special equipment is required. However, we do recommend having a Pilates mat or comfortable surface to lay on, and a chair for our seated classes.

Can I access the workouts at any time?

Yes, enjoy 24/7 access to your favourite ITSE workouts any time, any day.

Can I access videos anywhere?

Yes, you can enjoy ITSE wherever you are.

Does it work without the internet?

No, as they are online classes you’ll need a stable internet connection.

Do I need to do the beginners program if I have done Pilates before?

Our classes are structured to be tailored to you and your goals. While the beginner’s program is a great introduction to ITSE and Pilates, you can simply choose classes based on how you/ your body is feeling on the day.


How do I become an ITSE member?

To join the ITSE community, please click here.

You can also enjoy our 7-day free trial before signing up for a weekly or annual subscription plan.

How much does it cost?

Our weekly subscription plan is $9.99 per week.
Our annual subscription plan is $259.99 per year or $4.99 per week over 12 months.

What will my subscription include?

You’ll have unlimited access to our online library of Pilates videos and suggested programs for the entire duration of your membership (weekly or annual).

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, it will automatically renew unless you choose to cancel your subscription.

Can I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately not, but you can cancel anytime and simply rejoin when suitable.

Can I get a refund if I’ve changed my mind or need to cancel my subscription?

No, we don’t offer refunds if you change your mind or cancel your subscription.



Do you offer in-person Pilates classes?

To ensure easy accessibility for everyone, ITSE is only available online.